Check It Out!

Explore our library collection and see what we have for you – it’s not all books you know!

The Library is for your enjoyment! All members of the Church are encouraged to visit the Library and make use of it’s collection.

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Our books cover many areas: social concerns, theology, inspirational, biography, worship, fiction as well as reference materials such as commentaries and concordances and “Seasons of the Spirit”. Whether you are looking for something educational, inspiring or just something to relax with, we’re sure you’ll find something to suit the purpose.

There is a large children’s section with books, DVDs and videos for all age groups. “Veggie Tales” videos are frequently borrowed by both children and grandparents.

For a few weeks after the worship services, an audio cassette tape of each 9.15 a.m. service is held in the Library for those who wish to borrow them. (We hope to get these available in digital format soon.)

New material is displayed in the library and listed in the Church newsletter. You may also want to ‘check it out’ with a [book review] [Link: Book Review page] of one of these new books.

Location: The library is in a walk-through room in the centre of the Church complex and is readily accessible by all who enter the building.


  • Books: 1500+
  • DVDs: 15
  • Videos: 90
  • Audio tapes: 140
  • CDs: 25

Open hours: The library is staffed every Sunday morning between the two services (about 10:30a – 11a). Our Librarian welcomes people who may wish to seek her out to ask for help, make suggestions or talk about the Library. If you are not able to get in to the Library during this time, materials may be checked out on a self-help basis at all other times that the Church building is open.

Borrowing system: Cards from book pockets are filled in by users and dropped in the yellow box.

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About two-thirds of the acquisitions each year are from donations and the other third is purchased with a grant from the Church Council. This grant is important because it allows us to make recently published material available, ensuring the Library is kept up-to-date and the collection is more complete.

If you would like to donate some material for the Library, please contact our Librarian, Joy Belling, or just bring it in and leave it with a note that it is a donation. Any Christian or suitable books and audio/visual materials are greatly appreciated, especially if they have been recently published/produced.

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If you have questions about the library or whether something is available, contact our Librarian, Joy Belling, send an email or leave a note to her attention in the BUC Office.