Lent Event is … 40 days to live more simply, reflect on our faith and support people struggling to free themselves from poverty.

Lent traces the journey of Jesus to the Cross. It is a time to reflect on our journey as disciples and to act in solidarity with people of our global church. Lent Event is UnitingWorld’s call on the church to embrace simple living, to set aside material goods and to donate the money saved to support community development projects that offer a better future to people living on the margins in some of the world’s poorest countries.

*Lent begins on Ash Wednesday and ends at sunset on Easter Saturday (not counting Sundays). Traditionally the 40 days of Lent excludes Sundays as these commemorate the resurrection of Christ.

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What could you give up?

Leading up to Easter, Lent Event runs for 40-days. Participants are encouraged forgo an item from their daily lifestyle and donate the money saved so that others are able to live a life of dignity: clean water, nutritious food, elementary education, viable employment and essential healthcare.

Click here to find out more or visit our registration page to sign up as an individual or community and experience 40 days of action, reflection and connection for life.

Spend some time considering what you can give up this Lent.

2017 Lent Reflection


There is a changed ryhthm and ‘feel’ for the Season of Lent, leading to Easter. To contribute to this sense, the Newsletter will be different for the six (6) Sundays between now and Easter. The Worship Team are providing poems as reflections for Lent. They are for your time and thoughts, to enter more fully into Lent’s invitation.

* Give your reading of this some ‘space’; allow it time.

* Maybe come back to it.

* Let it become your Lent Prayer

[Hard copies available when you come to worship if you wish]

The first of these is provided here. It is from this community’s own Sarah Agnew, Biblical story-teller, currently undertaking PhD studies in Edinburgh.

Participants in tyranny. A confession

Lent 1: Matthew 4:1–11

If you are the Son of God,
take away my crying

If you are the Son of God,
take away her dying

If you are the Son of God,
take him away in his lying

If you are the Son of God,
show us you are even trying?!

Jesus is the Son of God,
and he takes away our turning,
and the consequences of burning
our bridges back to God.

Jesus is the Son of God
and he gives us back our living,
restores the bridges so we can turn
back to the Way of God

Son of God
you take away all our tyranny;
have mercy on us,
and grant us peace.


* ‘participants in tyranny’ is how I translate ‘sinners’ in my performance of

Romans for my PhD. Also available at : http://praythestory.blogspot.com.au/

Lent 2: 12 March

Psalm 121

I lift my eyes
from world to sky,
from where will I find help?

My help will come
from Holy One,
maker of earth and sky.

Beneath your feet
the ground may tremble,
but you will never fall;

Holy One slumbers not,
is watchful ever
over the people of God.

Holy One will keep you,
Holy One will save you,
from trouble and from harm.

Fear not the sun’s hot flame,
nor moon’s shards of silver;
Holy One will be your shield.

Holy One will keep you,
Holy One will hold you;
your life is precious to God.

Holy One will keep you,
Holy One will seek you,
going and coming and ever more.

Lift your eyes
towards the light,
however thick the dark;

help will come
from Holy One,
maker of day and night.

© Sarah Agnew                                                                                     praythestory.blogspot.com

Lent 3: 19 March

beside Jacob’s well

John 4:5-42

 By the well of Jacob,
Jesus met a woman;
by the well of Jacob,
on foreign, enemy land.

By the well of Jacob,
Jesus asked the woman:
from the well of Jacob
to draw him, please, a drink.

By the well of Jacob
the woman asked him, Why,
by the well of Jacob he came,
he stopped, he spoke?

By the well of Jacob
Jesus told her of water
that neither the well of Jacob,
nor any other well could supply.

By the well of Jacob,
her thirst fast awakened
by the well of Jesus,
holy mystery of life.

To the well of Jacob
she summoned her neighbours – friends;
where, at the well of Jacob,
once she had been alone.

By the well of Jacob,
Jesus’ friends now returned;
by the well of Jacob,
you’re doing what? They were bemused.

By the well of Jacob,
they offered him food to eat;
at the well of Life I eat,
by living the Way of Love.

By the well of Jacob,
Jesus met a woman;
by the well of Jacob,
on foreign, enemy land.

© Sarah Agnew                                                                                     praythestory.blogspot.com

Lent 4: 26 March

I am the light

John 9:1-41

I am the light of the world,
he said, the sight of the blind,
the fight of the weak, the height
of the small, the plight of the poor,
the blight of the rich and powerful,
spreading shadows and dust on
the earth: I, earth, am your light,
open your eyes and see.

© Sarah Agnew                                                                                     praythestory.blogspot.com

Lent 5: 2 April

Leaning In
Rom 8:6-11

a bird falls, wings
resting, to be caught by clouds:
life in the Spirit

© Sarah Agnew                                                                                     praythestory.blogspot.com