We acknowledge that the Earth and all its ecosystems are not just the source of scenery and resources ofr us, but that they sustain our whole being; and we acknowledge that the Earth and its ecosystems are suffering. We will seek a renewed sense of sacredness in all of creation in the hope that we will be led to treat less heavily and more sensitively on the Earth.

© Dan Ionut Popescu | DreamstimeEnvironmental tip of the week:

Energy use ~ Whenever you buy a new washing machine, electric kettle, microwave or refrigerator, check out its energy and or water rating. The more stars the better for the environment. Check your computer’s power saving options and click the ones which will minimise power usage.

Environmental Issues Websites to Check Out:

The Climate Institute

Their newsletter is well-worth subscribing too if you are interested in receiving climate related information in your in-box.


There is a section on Faith which can be reached via the menu on the left hand side of the screen. See http://www.climateinstitute.org.au/faith

Part of the section reads:

Faith is an important part of the Climate Institute’s perspective on climate change. It provides an ethical and values based foundation to motivate actions for a better environment and a sustainable future. The Climate Institute’s activities draw from close connections in many community and faith groups, and reflect concerns of these groups as well as their aspirations to create a more harmonious planet.

The Australian Religious Response to Climate Change


From the homepage:

The religions of Australia have a shared sense of moral purpose on climate change. The Australian Religious Response to Climate Change (ARRCC) is a multi-faith network committed to taking the action on this most pressing issue of our time.

In the face of ecological damage and social injustices, we affirm our love for this planet and its inhabitants and our deep reverence for life. We seek transformation of a world tottering on the brink of disaster, equipping each other to be the change we wish to see.

Learn More …

Visit the website to found out.

Eco Challenge for May 2010:

Measure and reduce your carbon footprint

Do you know what your carbon footprint is? The Australian Conservation Foundation has a web page which can calculate this for your household. The webpage is available at:


You are asked a series of questions and given a ‘star rating’ at the end. There are further pages with ideas on how you can reduce your carbon footprint, and increase your star rating.

Have a go! Then have a go at reducing your footprint! Every little bit helps our earth.

Coming up…Winter

Winter will soon be upon us. It will be cold, windy and (hopefully) wet.

Now is the time to prepare your house for winter. Make sure your windows and doors close properly so the drafts do not bring in cold air. Use blinds and curtains to keep warmth in. If you have an open or closed fire, ensure that the chimney or flue is clean and not blocked.

If you have ducted air conditioning, please do not heat up rooms you do not need to. And set the temperature at a level where you still need to wear warm clothes. Setting your air conditioning a little higher in summer, and a little lower in winter, can make a big difference to your bill and to the environment.

And enjoy the cooler, wetter, windier weather! The planet will too.