Thursday Bible Study – What else do we get up to?

Our Thursday Bible Study Group aims to provide a forum that encourages us each to grow in our understanding of what God’s Word means, its practical application in our own lives and in the way we interact with our community. We hope to deepen and enrich our spiritual lives and share the comfort and power of prayer. Our very informal sessions each week offer fellowship, communication and relationship-building.

Once we begin looking at the day’s passages, our discussion is launched and we often find that our thoughts lead in unexpected directions. Current events are invariably drawn into the discussion as we see that so many situations and lessons from the Bible are clearly relevant today. These studies allow all participants to take part in an informal way, often asking questions that raise more questions than answers and lead us into further thinking.

We look forward to one of our members having a “Zero or Five” – a birthday ending with one of those special numbers – when we can all help celebrate their life by sharing a lunch at a chosen restaurant. These occasions are special because they offer another opportunity to strengthen friendships and show our love for each other. (Note: we used to do just “Zeroes” but we think they take too long to come around, so we now include “Fives”.)

Before Christmas, we pack the boxes of gifts that have been collected by the our group for Operation Christmas Child. Last year it was wonderful to see the boxes of love posted to these children. If you would like to watch a thought-provoking video about this project please click here.

Video from the Samaritan’s website –

The Thursday Bible Study Group prepares and presents a Sunday morning service about once a year. A small box kept on the table each week quietly collects our voluntary donations to support The Bible Society and the Christian Women’s Convention International (CWCI).

Anyone is welcome to come along who is curious to learn more, grow in both knowledge and faith and share in a very special fellowship of women doing the same. For more information, please contact Jan Rawolle.