You are invited to explore different expressions of Spirituality in a relaxed atmosphere (and COVID pending).

Beginning at 5.00pm with wine & cheese here at Blackwood Uniting Church.


through Music
21st March 2021
Exploring the journey of song writers
Robin Mann
Leigh Newton
Doug Simper
What drove their song writing in the sixties?
What has changed in church and culture since then?
What have been the resultant changes in their emphases?

through Word
16th May 2021
Vicky Balabanski
Brings current ecological questions into dialogue with the distinctive image of Jesus and the universe. Journey with her through her latest book:
Colossians – An Earth Bible Commentary

through Art
18th July 2021
Explore the creations of local artists
How has art been an expression of reflection and growth in our spiritual journey?
View work on display
Discuss and listen to artists’ stories of inspiration and insight

through Science
19th Sept 2021
Join Michael Dowling
In a journey into the wonders of existence
A journey into the wonders of life.
A journey of discovery in which science reveals new ways of looking at such spiritual concepts as meaning and purpose, “soul,” and even human destiny.

Beyond Belief
21st Nov 2021
Listen to our panellists
as they explore going beyond belief in a world in which reality has been shredded into mutually incompatible belief systems
How can we move beyond mere belief, to that unifying “something” which transcends it?