Ecumenical Theological Seminary ~

Recently, during our morning worship, we commissioned two people who are going to the Philippines to do some volunteer work for a couple of week s. It was only possible to give a very brief overview of the library to which they are going so people may be interested to read a little more about it.

The Uniting Church in SA has a long standing partnership with the United Church of Christ in the Philippines. While Christa Megaw was visiting the Philippines last year in her role as the International Mission Officer in SA Synod, she visited the Ecumenical Theological Seminary (ETS) in Baguio City. This seminary trains many lay and ordained pastors for their work which is often with poor communities in the remote northern mountainous areas of the Philippines.

The staff of ETS had been told that she used to work as a teacher librarian and so were keen to show her their library. At present, the library collection is housed in a room in the basement, but it is too cold there for the books, as many become mouldy in the rainy season. Many are secondhand books which have been donated from the Parkin Wesley Theological College in Adelaide. Also, there is not enough room to display all the books so some are still in boxes. Many books still remain to be processed and catalogued and it is a heavy work load for the person in charge of the library as she also teaches in the seminary and has many other responsibilities as a staff member.

The ETS say their first priority is to construct slabs and walls for the fourth floor so the library can be housed there. ETS does not have the money for the construction work or development work which needs to happen to make this a properly functioning library. The estimated cost for the construction work for the library is $25,000 plus the cost of shelving and an automated library system Any donations towards this are valued.

Please email Christa Megaw,,  if you would like to help this project become a reality.

Mission & Justice Jottings ~

  1. Act for Peace is the lead agency in the implementation of a Disaster Risk Reduction Project which aims to improve the ability of villages to identify risks in their environment and take action to reduce and manage those risks of natural disasters in the Solomon Islands, Fiji, Tonga and Vanuatu. A local committee is formed, community and church meetings are held and awareness raising sessions run in schools and marketplaces.
  2. Act for Peace has a project partner, Christian Care, which has introduced conservation farming to local farmers. This is a low cost and low technology farming strategy, which helps to provide food security. An annual farmer field day event is held, which showcases the best performing farmers who receive awards for good performance and initiative. It also provides a forum for farmers to share best practices about conservation farming.

Act for Peace is the international aid agency of the National Council of Churches in Australia. You are invited to remember both these ventures in prayer. Info at or email:

M & J Prayers ~

Share with us in remembering:

  • 200 Young Ambassadors for Peace (YAP) attending a forum in Ambon.
  • Children involved in sex trafficking and child labour in Northeast India.
  • Students and staff of Blackwood Primary (our Kids’ Hope school) as they go on holidays.
  • Refugees who will settle into life at Inverbrackie.
  • Those for whom Christmas is a struggle because of homelessness or poverty.