RECOGNISEWe invite you to explore the possibility of God with us
at Blackwood Uniting Church

NOTE: Two combined services in this month of MAY at 10:00am.
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Roundabout PlaygroupRoundabout Playgroup

Seasons: Autumn into Winter
Starts Monday, 2nd May

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“Where’s my baby gone?”, a sculpture of a grieving mother by artist Silvio Apponyi at Colebrook Reconciliation Park, Eden Hills, Adelaide, South Australia. Photo: Kerry Fletcher Source: Walk
of Reconciliation
Sunday, 29th May

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Entertainment Book products 2016-17 This year’s Adelaide Entertainment Book is now available!

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We struggle We grow weary We grow tired We are exhausted. We are distressed. We despair. We give up. We fall down. We let go. We cry We are empty We grow calm. We are ready. We wait quietly. A small shy truth arrives Arrives from without and within Arrives and is bold Simple steady clear Like a mirror, like a bell, like a flame Like rain in summer A precious truth arrives and is born Within us Within our emptiness We accept it. We observe it We absorb it We surrender to our bare truth We are nourished We are changed We are blessed We rise up. For this we give thanks

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(From Short Notes from the Long History of Happiness, by Michael Leunig.)