RECOGNISEWe invite you to explore the possibility of God with us
at Blackwood Uniting Church

NOTE: Sunday 29th May is a COMBINED SERVICE at 10am for Reconciliation Sunday
followed by Blackwood Reconciliation Walk at 11am
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Reconciliation Sunday is held in Uniting Churches SA on the first Sunday in Reconciliation Week (27 May – 3 June) each year.“Where’s my baby gone?”, a sculpture of a grieving mother by artist Silvio Apponyi at Colebrook Reconciliation Park, Eden Hills, Adelaide, South Australia. Photo: Kerry Fletcher Source: Walk
of Reconciliation
Sunday, 29th May


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Roundabout Messy Church - The Giving TreePlease click this link for more details.

Julian of NorwichOur Occasional Series returns!
“The life and thought of people of Spirit”

Join us as we learn more about
Julian of Norwich

Sunday, 19th of June
5:00pm – 7:00pm

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“Truth is something that IS rather than something that IS DEFINED. Truth is a way of being, a way of understanding, a way of engaging with the world and with the powers that be and with faith.”
(see “Reflections” for Friday, 20th May)