Amanda’s Cooked Playdoh

This recipe has a smooth consistency and lasts for a long time.

1 cup self-raising flour sifted
1 tablespoon cooking oil
1 teaspoon cream of tarter
1 cup water
¼ cup table salt

Mix the above ingredients in a small saucepan and stir over a low heat until mixture
forms a ball. Turn out on a flat surface and knead well. Colour as needed.
Keep in a screwtop jar. (An airtight container works ok and keeps well in fridge).
In some climates more oil may be needed to prevent drying out.

You can add different things such as glitter and sand for a different look and/or texture.  But don’t add things like rice as they go mouldy – glitter is really good.

For fluoro colours try using poster paint as the colouring.

Make two lots of playdough of different colours and roll together like a ribbon sandwich and give each child a thick slice to play with.

Add a few drops of scented oil like lavender or rose. In winter when there are lots of sniffles around add Tea Tree Oil or Eucalyptus Oil. Or add peppermint oil for a great smell and even longer lasting playdough…

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