Blackwood Uniting ChurchThe Finance and Stewardship Committee is a sub-committee of Council.  Its role is the oversight of the management of the financial affairs of the church, including coordination of budget preparation and reporting on behalf of Council, and Stewardship matters.  The Church’s annual budget is formally approved by the Church AGM in November of each year for the following calendar year (see below).
The two Treasurers are directly responsible to the respective committees (the Council itself, and the Property Committee and the Community Program Committee) for the accounts of those committees.

Donations, Offerings and Financial Contributions to BUC

Please click this link to go to our Giving page with our bank information and a link to download the e(give) application form.

Contacts for the Finance and Stewardship Committee

Tony Miller – Chairperson / Convenor
Jan Furness – Church Council Treasurer

BUC Office Telephone: (08) 8278 7699