This works well even if there’s not much wind as children can run with it and pull it behind them.


  • coloured paper with diamond shape drawn on it
  • coloured paper shapes, bits of glittery paper, ribbon etc to decorate
  • sticky tape, glue, scissors
  • optional: coloured pencils/crayons/textas 
  • single hole punch
  • string or wool
  • long piece of wide ribbon for tail

What to do:

  • Cut out the diamond shape. [Keep the bits cut off to make shapes for decorating the tail, or other kites.]
  • Glue coloured paper shapes to the kite to decorate, or use coloured pencils etc. to draw decorations.
  • Glue a triangle onto the top point to strengthen it. [This is where you punch a hole for the string to go through.]
  • Cut a long length of ribbon for the tail.
  • Decorate the tail with glittery bits, bows etc.
  • Punch a hole in the top corner of the kite.
  • Thread a long length of wool or string through and tie it on, then go fly your kite!

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