You never know what might happen

The first thing you’re likely to hear as you enter our building on a Sunday morning is one of our bands playing a mix of contemporary music… or jazz, or classical or music that’s in between. We’re lucky to have such talented groups of musicians who teach us new songs and enjoy presenting solos that set us thinking. They’re never too loud so you always have the chance to absorb the music and its meaning.

And we don’t always meet in the church – click here to learn about our Eco-services.

The great thing about 9.15 is that those of us who just come along never quite know what might happen!

Although the people leading the service plan our worship well, there’s always room for spontaneity. Sometimes our minister, sets us thinking about a faith topic and then we may take a little time to talk to each other about it informally during the service. Other times we see a film clip or hear the message for the day in drama. Whatever form the service takes, it always provides us with the opportunity to learn a bit more about Christianity and the role it can play in each of our lives now in the 21st century.

Use of the projectors helps, even if you’re feeling low or upset the visuals on the screen can inspire and uplift – sending you home ready to start again on your faith journey.

If you’ve got young children, they’ll feel at home as we have a special area in the church set up for families where activities, games and toys are available throughout the service.

On the first Sunday of each month we share a symbolic meal called “communion” that celebrates our life with Jesus and our table is open to everyone.

Each week, after the service, we have a chance to share refreshments and a chat before we go home. This gives us an informal time to get to know each other a bit better and often discuss further some controversial ideas or questions raised during the morning’s lesson. Please feel free to stay and join us.

We’d love to see you any time. Please feel welcome to come in and sit down – we’d like you to be part of the family.

The Church Library is open at the end of the 9.15 Service or, if you’re coming for 11am, you might like to get here a bit early and have a look around. There are plenty of books, tapes, DVDs & CDs for children and adults to borrow. Please click here for more information about our Library.