These Thursday afternoon studies allow all participants to take part in an informal way, often asking questions that raise more questions than answers.

  • Time: 1.00p
  • Day: Thursday afternoons during term time
  • Place: Usually in the Aldersgate Room, Blackwood Uniting Church hall

The study discussions each week are taken from the prepared curriculum of either:

Seasons of the Spirit” or KYB (Know Your Bible) developed by CWCI – Christian Women Communicating International.

Regardless of the chosen material, it provides a structure for us to begin our exploration of the passages for that week and offers fresh insights into stories that we may have heard a hundred times before making them seem new.

What else do we get up to?

For more information about our study sessions and some of our non-study activities, please click the above question.

Anyone is welcome to come along who is curious to learn more, grow in both knowledge and faith and share in a very special fellowship of women doing the same. For more information, please contact Jan Rawolle.