You will need:

  • coloured patty pans
  • straws for stems
  • coloured dots for middle of flower
  • Optional: green paper for leaves
  • glue
  • scissors

What to do:

  • Stick a coloured dot in the middle of a coloured patty pan.
  • Glue the patty pan onto a straw.
  • Optional: Cut out leaves from green paper and glue to the stem.
  • Optional: Cut the outside part of the patty pan to make separate petals.


  • Use different coloured and sized patty pans to make a colourful bunch of flowers, or ‘plant’ them in a flowerpot!
  • Glue 6-8 small blue, pink or purple patty pans onto one straw stem to make hyacinths, or 3-4 yellow, white or orange ones to make jonquils!
  • Use a small yellow or orange patty pan inside a flattened white or yellow large patty pan to make daffodils…

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