Journeying 2022 with BUCYou are invited to explore many different expressions of Spirituality in a relaxed atmosphere.

5 to 7pm beginning with drinks and nibbles here at Blackwood Uniting Church.

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Journeying in 2023…

…through Small Things
19th March 2023

Chelsea SizeOur lives are made of many small moments.  Is God present in all? Are you curious about your neglected stories? Could they be transformative?

Explore with Chelsea Size.

Chelsea Size, a minister in the Uniting Church, has previously worked in the field of narrative practice, and had much to do with First Nations people in regional communities, which helped shape her own narrative and story.

Join her, as she considers how God could be present even in the small, ordinary moments of our lives. How might we become more curious about the neglected stories of our daily lives in ways that are life-shaping and life enriching?

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…with Children
14th May 2023

Journeying with Children at BUCThe Metaphorical Backpack – How do we equip children for life’s journey?

Explore thoughts and learned experience with
Heather Lee, Alison Sutcliffe and Danny Mills
All experienced educators

Click the link above to watch the recording of the event.

…through Generosity
16th July 2023

The call, the reward and the challenges of engaging, sharing and connecting with others!
Be challenged through the experiences of
Ian Hunter
For whom social justice is a driving force

…through the Rough
17th September 2023

How can we get through the rough times of life and build resilience?
Share perspectives and experiences with
Michael Brennan
An experienced mental health field worker with GROW

…to the End
19th November 2023

Preparing to take off the “back pack”.
How do we face the end of life?
Hear from
Dr. John Nettleton
A former country GP

Journeying in 2022…

…through Undying Hope
20th March 2022
Ian Olver

Journeying… through Undying Hope. Improving the quality of life for cancer patients and their families Professor Ian Olver, Inaugural Director of the University of South Australia Cancer Research Institute. Creator: Liam West/Lightly Salted Copyright: Lightly Salted/Liam WestWhat is hope? What are its sources? How can it affect your health? How do we maintain hope when life gets tough?

Explore realistic hope in the uncertainties around death with Ian Olver, Professor of Oncology.

Click here to watch the recording.

…by Making Space
15th May 2022
Rev Mandy Harvey

Journeying... by Making Space with Mandy Harvey. Photo by Cath Leo. Soul Seekers - a culture that values activity, achievement and choice, how can we and why should we make space within our lives for silence and solitude.

Explore these questions with Rev Mandy Harvey
a contemplative with some “gardening” experience!

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…through the Spirit of Loneliness
17th July 2022
Rev Peter McDonald

Journeying... in The Spirit of Loneliness with Rev Peter McDonald, My Faith in Action, Uniting Communities. impact of loneliness on all ages and stages.

Hear research and reflections from Uniting Communities with Rev Peter McDonald.

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…through the Contemplative Way

18th Sept 2022
Gary Stuckey

Journeying... through the Contemplative Way.…a way to free us to live more authentically and compassionately through a deeper awareness of Divine Love and our truest selves.

Join with Gary Stuckey
a well-known practitioner of Christian meditation.

Later, you will be able find the link to watch live-stream.

…to a Just Earth
20th Nov 2022
Brian Polkinghorne, Colin Cargill and David Shepherd

Journeying... through a Just Earth. David Shepherd and Brian Polkinghorne Environmental Action Group. challenge! To look at the world from a different perspective.

Join in a discussion with Brian Polkinghorne, Colin Cargill and David Shepherd
from the Uniting Church Environmental Action Group.

Later, you will be able find the link to watch live-stream.