We have had fun at Playgroup with these simple crafts.

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We try to use recycled or easy-to-find materials, and usually involve some cutting and pasting. They are designed for parents and carers to have fun with their children. You can also connect them to a story on the same theme.

Tips for Materials:

  • Glue sticks work for sticking almost anything and are less messy than liquid glue.
    If you need to use PVC glue, put a small amount in a recycled lid from a jar and apply it with cotton buds.
  • If you don’t have cardboard, print onto paper and then glue onto recycled cardboard from a cereal or biscuit box.
  • Coloured paper for cutting out can be anything from used wrapping paper to pages from magazines and catalogues.
  • For printing on coloured paper you will need proper A4 paper – look for a multi-coloured pack.
  • Visit cheap shops for things like chenille sticks, stickers and glittery bits. Craft shops have a great range but are more expensive, but it’s worth getting a pack of googly eyes from there.
  • Your local newsagent will have coloured dot stickers, split pins, doilies, cellophane and more.
  • Have a “useful box” and save any ribbon that comes on gifts, cardboard rolls from cling-wrap etc., foil chocolate wrappers, pictures from cards, icecream sticks, tissue paper, scraps of material and anything else that might remotely be used for making something.
  • And your computer’s clip art and the internet are great for finding theme-related pictures.

We hope to add to these crafts regularly, so keep an eye on this page. Above all, have fun!

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