Traditional worship service for contemporary people

If you love the sound of a pipe organ and the opportunity to sing more traditional hymns, this might be your choice for a church service. The worship service flows between music, prayer, readings and the message. Each service is planned individually to provide a time for us to reflect, pray and learn from the central theme and message of the service. Sometimes we take time to talk with each other during the service and explore what the message means to us personally.

Keith Rodda playing the organ

Although the traditional service is more formal in style, it still has the warmth of a community celebration – feel free to come as you are, we’re not worried about anyone’s clothes. We’re more concerned about our doubts and faith, our hopes and fears, our successes and failures. We’re all on a journey through life and want to explore what Jesus might mean to each of us on the way.

Meeting with this group of friendly people who appreciate a more formal service, makes a really good start to a new week.

We also have lunch together once a quarter and any funds raised go towards supporting a World Vision child. We enjoy the food and the company and are always glad to welcome new and old friends. Click on the word link to find out more information about World Vision.

Join us sometime – we enjoy meeting new people whether they are just visiting or have moved into the district.