Messy Church at Blackwood Uniting Church, South Australia

What is Messy Church?

An alternative family-oriented church!


Messy Church is a time for families to connect with each other and with God in a relaxed atmosphere. It is an alternative, family-oriented church that aims to make fun and doing the centre of worship.

When: First Sundays of each month, 4–6 pm (except in school holidays)
Where: Here at Blackwood Uniting Church
Cost: $10 donation per family, includes a simple meal.*

*We suggest a donation of $10 per family for the meal and to cover costs, but if that’s a problem, don’t let that stop you coming. We’d rather have you there than not.

Messy Church Program 2019

Theme: Narratives of Jesus

  • February 3rd: Jesus as a child – Jesus in the temple
  • March 3rd: Baptism of Jesus
  • April 7th: Jesus calls the disciples
  • April 13th – 28th: Holidays
  • May 5th: Jesus the storyteller
  • June 2nd: Jesus the miracle worker
  • July: No Messy Church – School Holidays (6th – 21st July)
  • August 4th: Jesus the healer
  • September 8th: Jesus as friend (Father’s Day is 1st September)
  • October: No Messy Church – School Holidays (28th Sep – 13th Oct)
  • November 3rd: Jesus talks to God – the Lord’s Prayer
  • December 1st: Messy Christmas


If you have any queries please don’t hesitate to contact Marnie or Jacqui in the BUC office