Life & Faith at the Roundabout

 Our next Public Forum: Wednesday 6th May 2015

The Blackwood/Belair and District Community Association (BBDCA) hosting ~

Exploring Community Resilience in Changing Times
on Wednesday, 6th May 2015
at 8.00pm (immediately following the 7.30pm AGM)
in the Blackwood Uniting Church

Guest panelists are:

  • Natalie Stalenberg – Co-ordinator, Resilient South Program
  • Annette Bardsley – Geography, Environment and Population, University of Adelaide
  • Jai O’Toole – Manager, Emergency Services, Red Cross

For more information about this Forum or the Blackwood/Belair and District Community Association, please call Heather Beckmann on 8278 2150 or email

Previous Life & Faith at the Roundabout Events:

Iain EvansIain Evans talks about his Life in Politics

Tuesday, 17th February 2015 – 6:30 for 7pm

The Blackwood Rotary Club is hosting a dinner meeting to give people the opportunity to quiz Iain Evans, recently retired member for Davenport, about is 20+ years in politics. It is open to everyone in the community.

The cost of the evening will be $25 (two course dinner and coffee/tea). Venue is the Belair Country Club. Bookings are essential – please contact Rotarian Jeff Hunter or mobile 0433 149 977.



Dr Clem MacIntyreCome “Meet Your Candidates”
for the
South Australian By-election in Davenport
at 7.30pm

on Thursday January 29th
here at BUC here in the hall.

This was an opportunity to meet, hear and question those who wish to represent you in State Parliament.

Dr Clem MacIntyre, of the Adelade University Politics Department, chaired the event as he has done for several earlier elections.

This was a compulsory election. If you are unsure whether this will affect you, click this link for the Electoral boundaries for Davenport.

Organised on your behalf by the Blackwood / Belair and District Community Association
PO Box 15, Belair SA 5052
Further information – Heather Beckmann, Sec. phone 8278 2150

Dr Clem MacIntyre

Come “Meet Your Candidates”
at 7.30pm
on Thursday, August 29, 2014
here at BUC here in the hall.

It’s also your time to ask questions so you can find out what you need to know as you decide where you will place your vote on election day!

Dr Clem Macintyre, of the Adelade University Politics Department, will chair the event as he has done for the last four elections.

The Blackwood / Belair and District Community Association are sponsoring this important event.

Brian McLaren (Photographer Wally Schmidt at

Brian McLaren (Photographer Wally Schmidt at

Brian McLaren, author, speaker and innovative Christian leader

“Christian Identity in a Multi-faith World”

Thursday February 14th, 2013
9.30am – 3.30pm
Adelaide West Uniting Church
(312 Sir Donald Bradman Drive, Brooklyn Park)
Full day: $77 includes lunch
Single session (X3): $ 27.50
Lunch: $11.00
(Should be very interesting – Cogs)

To learn more about this event or book online, click this link or ring Bev Freeman 8236 4243.

The Agora of Smyrna (columns of the western stoa)

The Agora of Smyrna (columns of the western stoa)

11th October 2012

From the Churches on Mainstreet conference in September, “Altar to Agora: Church in Capital Mainstreet”.

The Rev Bruce Grindlay from St Andrews by the Sea UC has written on the matter in great detail and will be speaking about the topic on the night.

Santiago de Compostela,  courtesy of SpainThisWay

Santiago de Compostela, courtesy of SpainThisWay

28th June 2012

We heard the reflections of Australian geographer Dr Peter Smailes from his Pilgrimage to Santiago de Compostela” in Spain.



Prof Mark Tester at Australian Plant Phenomics Facility

26th April 2012

Professor Mark Tester talked about The Challenge of Food Production!

Professor Tester works at the Waite Institute and is a leader in plant breeding. The global threat of famine, of equitable food distribution, of breeding plants for conditions such as climate change, and of breeding plants that produce more and are easier to reap, are crucial issues for this century as world population continues to increase.


29th September 2011

Dr Rene Pols explored “What Causes Mental Illness? Some Community issues”. Dr Pols, Senior Lecturer in Psychiatry at Flinders University, trained in psychiatry and has researched and written widely on community health, the influence of drugs and alcohol, and the understanding and control of various mental disorders.


Brenton Ragless (on right) at the Uniting Care Wesley Christmas Hamper Launch

22 February 2011

Brenton Ragless, Channel 9 Weather Presenter

This was a dinner meeting of the Rotary Club of Blackwood at Belair Country Club that was open to the public.


18 August 2010

Meet the Candidates – Boothby – Federal Election 2010

Meet candidates standing for the seat of Boothby. This was an opportunity to hear from the candidates and ask questions on relevant issues:

The evening was chaired by Dr Clem Macintyre, Head of the Politics Dept, University of Adelaide.

This forum was co-sponsored by Blackwood/Belair & District Community Association and Blackwood Action for World Development, and hosted by the Blackwood Uniting Church.

Click to download a copy of the 2010 BOOTHBY Electoral Meeting flyer.

8 April 2010

Asylum Seekers/Refugees: What is the difference? And who are they anyway?

Blackwood Uniting Church invited people to come in and hear a panel of speakers about who asylum seekers and refugees are, their stories, the realities of detention and its effects on their mental health and the government’s response to them. There was a question time & supper.

The panel consisted of:

  • Mr Kevin Liston, of Families SA, who works in their area of refugee families. He was formerly the Director of the A.R.A with many years experience. He tackled the question of the differences between refugees and asylum seekers, where they come from, how they get here, etc.
  • Ms Libby Hogarth –is a migration agent, currently working in C I Detention Centre. She discussed conditions in detention; some of the situations they have escaped from; the process of processing, and showed who these people are.
  • Mr  Damien McInerney is a clinical psychologist for the SA Dept of Migrant Health. He discussed the effects of detention on the mental health of asylum seekers.
  • Hon. Senator Sarah Hanson-Young gave the government’s response to asylum seekers and refugees, and policy making in this area.

The forum was chaired by Mr John Shepherd, Convenor of the Blackwood Hills Circle of Friends.